The SvgImageView element extending the View interface is designed to display svg images.

To create an SvgImageView function is used:

func NewSvgImageView(session Session, params Params) ImageView

The image to be displayed is specified by the string property "content" (constant Content).The value of this property can be assigned

  • the image file name in the images folder of the resources;
  • image url;
  • content of the svg image.


rui.Set(rootView, "iconView", rui.Content, "icon.svg")
rui.Set(rootView, "iconView", rui.Content, `



Regardless of how you determined the property of "Content" to the client is always transmitted the contents of the SVG image. For example, if you set the image as follows

rui.Set(rootView, "iconView", rui.Content, "icon.svg")

then the program will first upload the contents of the "icon.svg" file to the memory,and then transmit this contents to the client as the value of the "content" property.

This allows you to include SVG images in the resources of a WebAssembly application.