"width", "height", "min-width", "min-height", "max-width", "max-height" properties of View

These properties are set:

Property Constant Description
"width" rui.Width The width of View
"height" rui.Height The height of View
"min-width" rui.MinWidth The minimum width of View
"min-height" rui.MinHeight The minimum height of View
"max-width" rui.MaxWidth The maximum width of View
"max-height" rui.MaxHeight The maximum height of View

These properties are of type SizeUnit.If the "width" / "height" value is not set or is set to Auto, then the height/width of the Viewis determined by its content and limited to the minimum and maximum height/width.As the value of these properties, you can set the SizeUnit structure,the textual representation of the SizeUnit,or the name of the constant (about the constants below):

view.Set("width", rui.Px(8))
view.Set(rui.MaxHeight, "80%")
view.Set(rui.Height, "@viewHeight")

After getting the value with the Get function, you must typecast:

if value := view.Get(rui.Width); value != nil {
	switch value.(type) {
		case string:
			text := value.(string)
			// TODO
		case SizeUnit:	
			size := value.(SizeUnit)
			// TODO

This is quite cumbersome, therefore for each property there is a global function of the same name with the Get prefix,which performs the given cast, gets the value of the constant, if necessary, and returns it.All functions of this type have two arguments: View and subviewID ...string.The first argument is the root View, the second is the ID of the child View.If the ID of the child View is not specified or is passed as "", then the value of the root View is returned.For the properties "width", "height", "min-width", "min-height", "max-width", "max-height" these are functions:

func GetWidth(view View, subviewID ...string) SizeUnit
func GetHeight(view View, subviewID ...string) SizeUnit
func GetMinWidth(view View, subviewID ...string) SizeUnit
func GetMinHeight(view View, subviewID ...string) SizeUnit
func GetMaxWidth(view View, subviewID ...string) SizeUnit
func GetMaxHeight(view View, subviewID ...string) SizeUnit